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Your dog will enjoy a great environment offering a maximum of comfort during his stay. Inside your dog will be in a large partly covered pen offering plenty spaces where he can easily move.


During the hot summer days The `Auberge` is equipped with a central air conditioning system so dogs do not suffer of the heat. In winter, heated floors provide full comfort. Outside, your dog can play with other dogs and having fun running in one of our 7 large safe 6’ high fenced playground.


In the `Auberge`, pens are large, comfortable and under supervision. Each dog receives an undivided attention from our team. In order to provide a maximum of comfort, the proper designed pen is selected according to your animal size.A comfortable `Auberge` where your dog will love to go and have fun…



Air conditioning

Heated floors

 Safe fenced playground


Sociability training

A confortable Auberge where your dog will love to go and have fun...

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